In The Pines

In the Pines

Directed & Produced By Rashidi Natara Harper             Featuring music by Fantastic Negrito

With the current barrage of images of Black men, women and children getting harassed, abused and murdered by police forces throughout the United States we felt it was important to create a film that not only addressed the issue of gun violence but also considered a different approach to exploring and portraying the narrative. Personally, it would have been easy for me to get fired up and tap into my anger in order to create an explosive and divisive visual piece. Instead, Fantastic Negrito and I chose to ask a few simple questions. “What about the mothers of these victims of gun violence?  What does it look like once the media circus is over when they are left to pick up the pieces? What would an elegant, artful, sophisticated film focusing on humanity look and feel like?  Most importantly, how can it move the national conversation into action to stop these senseless killings?"

Our intention with In The Pines is to focus on the humanity of it all.  Everyone can identify with and feel empathy for someone who has lost a child or loved one. Those emotions carry weight, they have no color.  They don’t care about class or social standing. With our film, we are creating a space for conversation in hopes of generating solutions. We are saying that this is a very serious human rights issue. We stand firm in our belief that solving these issues are not only important but they are vital to the unification of America's future.